IndustryConnect brings the technology, resources and digital media expertise to offer your exhibitors and attendees a game changing new value experience…

IndustryConnect is proud to announce a new and innovative way to leverage exhibitor client lists to discover more attendee prospects and increase registrations.

The VIP Guest Invites Program was developed and designed with our current trade show e-Marketing clients to provide them with a more simplified attendee acquisition tool that will perform better, yet cost them significantly less, than their current alternatives.

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At IndustryConnect, we believe that trade show e-Marketing is about much more than just blasting content to attendee and exhibitor databases.  Instead, it is about providing well-rounded and engaging information that will be viewed as a valuable resource to the recipients and will help them plan their participation with a high level of excitement about the event.

The result is an overall higher level of penetration and engagement. We then take that higher level of engagement, and help our clients to monetize it and find profitability rather than an expense. That is right! Most of our clients utilize all of our services, similar to the benefits of hiring a specialized trade show e-Marketing agency, at zero expense to them.

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