You’ve spoken and we’ve listened!

IndustryConnect has launched the simple, yet incredibly powerful exhibitor invitation solution that you’ve been asking for. Designed to drive maximum attendee registrations by giving exhibitors the tools they actually want and use today to promote their presence at upcoming events. They receive show branded social media posts with promo codes, email signatures, web banners, HTML emails and all with their invite promo code. The VIP Guest Invites Program was developed and designed with our current event management clients to provide them with a more simplified attendee acquisition program that will perform better, yet cost them significantly less, than their current alternatives.

Just some of the new benefits include:

  • Exhibitors no longer need to work through a complex email customization process. They simply upload their logo in our event-branded invite request system and we take care of the rest. The result of this “ease of use” is much higher participation rates.
  • Instead of uploading their customer lists, exhibitors finally have the option of downloading a custom coded html email to broadcast via their own system. Just think about how many more exhibitors would participate if the list confidentiality issue was not an issue at all?
  • Exhibitors receive a full customized set of invitation tools, including social media posts, branded graphics for their email signatures and web sites and highly designed html broadcast emails. All with their logo, booth # and promo code. Giving them the marketing solutions they are looking for today is truly appreciated!
  • Due to our strong exhibitor participation rates, we can spend more time supporting actual users to achieve results than selling them on getting started.
  • Costs significantly less, yet performs better, than traditional exhibitor invitation solutions available.

Interested in learning more? Please contact us for a quick 15 minute demonstration.

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How does it work?


Step 1.

IndustryConnect launches VIP Guest Invites to the exhibitor base allowing them to submit their logos and request their complimentary customized invites and promo code info.

Step 2.

Shortly after submitting, participating exhibitors receive a full set of customized highly designed invite materials, along with tips and tools to share them with their customers and prospects.

Step 3.

Our digital marketing consultants provide support to the exhibitors throughout the entire campaign. Helping exhibitors use the tools for their specific needs, as well as reminding exhibitors that have not yet participated to do so.

Step 4.

Exhibitors connect with more buyers and prospects at the event and show managers enjoy a significant boost in attendance … a great win-win!