Trade Show e-Marketing

At IndustryConnect, we believe that trade show e-Marketing is about much more than just blasting content to attendee and exhibitor databases.  Instead, it is about providing well-rounded and engaging information that will be viewed as a valuable resource to the recipients and will help them plan their participation with a high level of excitement about the event.

The result is an overall higher level of penetration and engagement.  We then take that higher level of engagement, and help our clients to monetize it and find profitability rather than an expense.  That is right!  Most of our clients utilize all of our services, similar to the benefits of hiring a specialized trade show e-Marketing agency, at zero expense to them.



Here is an overview of our trade show e-Marketing solutions:


Attendee e-Marketing

Countdown to the Show

Digital Daily

Post Show Wrap Up

 Our Attendee e-Marketing campaigns transform your pre-show, on site and post event emails far beyond the ordinary.  They create a medium of added exposure and value for your exhibitors, a source for vital information for your existing and prospective attendees, a PR tool that hypes up your event as it approaches and even generate substantial new sources of revenue.

This is achieved by providing an opportunity for exhibitors to be featured and submit their own show related announcements like new products they are launching, events they are hosting, attendee promotions or press releases. We have found that including exhibitor brands and content in your e-Marketing mix is highly effective in communicating the value of your event.   While doing so, you are providing your exhibitors with an innovative promotional opportunity and covering the cost of your e-Marketing initiatives.

Also included in the service, is the strategic consultation to ensure that all of your attendee facing efforts are incorporated in to the campaign to increase awareness and participation.  Examples of such efforts are calls to participate in your social media, mobile applications, search or planner tools and anything else that is important for you to highlight.

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Exhibitor e-Marketing

 Official Exhibitor Updates

Our Official Exhibitor Update campaigns address the issue of exhibitors being overwhelmed by an enormous amount of emails leading up to your trade shows, resulting in the minimal penetration of your important communications.  Our solution consolidates all of your pre-show exhibitor communications, including custom dashboards with id’s and passwords for your online systems, into a well-choreographed “Exhibitor Update” campaign.  We provide a single point of contact for your various show teams and vendors to submit news, announcements and deadlines.  IndustryConnect then compiles these announcements into one official email campaign and broadcasts it to the exhibitors on a set schedule and from their specific account representative to support that service relationship.

Directing your exhibitors to a single campaign of emails for important updates, service promotions and deadlines will not only be much appreciated, but will significantly increase the effectiveness and penetration of your critical pre-show communications and help drive awareness of the services you need them to participate in.

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Attendee and Exhibitor Prospecting

We are proud to say that our clients feel we do such a good job communicating with their audiences around their events, that we are regularly asked to execute custom prospecting campaigns to both attendee and exhibitor databases.   We bring the same high level of design and strategic consultation to these campaigns, and have discovered some very powerful strategies that produce strong results.  From building relationships between exhibit sales representatives and their territory to clearly communicating key value points of events to prospective attendees, IndustryConnect can provide the expertise, technology and project management resources to help you achieve your goals.

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